Short version: Style & Storytelling

Long version: From a young age I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry but I just didn’t know where or how. I spent countless hours sketching clothes as a child and at 13 I learned how to sew. I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer. Then I discovered editing software and fell in love with graphic design. I thought I wanted to run a magazine. I picked up a camera and dabbled in fashion photography. After that, I re-embraced my love for clothes and became a fashion stylist, but after two years even that alone wasn’t enough.

My love for fashion has such a broad scope that to do just one thing would be immensely limiting for me. So instead, I’ve taken all of these individual interests, combined them with my lifelong passion for writing, and carved out a space for them here. This is a place for everything I love, made with love. Where fashion and real life meet in a way that is fun, honest, insightful, and inspiring. I’m so glad to have you here joining me on my journey to live the most creative and free-spirited life possible.




Style & Storytelling by Mirian Njoh