Le Sport

I love a look that’s a little bit athletic casual and a little bit chic. Some of my favorite looks have come out of combining those two styles. While Toronto transitions from summer into fall I’m exploring how to make that transition in style. I love this comfy sweater that is warm yet cropped and with a more open knit so you won’t overheat in it. Paired with blush shorts and a white sneaker it’s perfect for this in-between time.

Do you guys know those Stan Smith collaboration sneakers with Adidas? I don’t know about everywhere else but I’ve been seeing them all over the city of Toronto for the past several months at least. Most times I see an item or a trend saturate the fashion scene I have a natural reaction to be averse to it. I guess it’s just my instinct to want to go against the current. While looking for a white sneaker I intentionally avoided Adidas, looking for an equally dope alternative. The Nikes I saw were a little too over-designed but these Reebok’s were perfect. A sleek shape and look without too many “extras”. At about $70 Canadian I highly recommend them.

Sweater and shorts by Club Monaco
Sneakers by Reebok


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